Europese projecten  Website van de Geotrainet project (in EN) “Geo-Education for a sustainable geothermal heating and cooling market” ‘A common approach for certification or equivalent qualification of installers of small-scale renewable energy systems in buildings’ Website van de ‘ENhanced Geothermal I nnovative Network for Europe, ENGINE’ (in EN). Coordination action supported by the 6th Research and Development framework of the European Union. Its main objective was to coordinate research and development initiatives for Enhanced Geothermal Systems from resource investigation to exploitation through socio-economics impacts assessment Website van de Geofar project (in EN) “Geothermal Finance and Awareness in European Regions” Website van de Thermomap project Area mapping of superficial geothermic resources by soil and groundwater data  Advanced ground source heat pump systems for heating and cooling in Mediterranean climate  Towards optimal design and control of geothermal heat pumps combined with thermally activated building systems in offices