3-7 juni 2013: European geothermal congress te Pisa




The European Geothermal Congress EGC 2013 will provide a stage to present and discuss new developments in the science, technology,

industry, and policy of geothermal energy on our continent. The congress aims, simply and boldly, to bring the entire sector together.

The scientific element of the congress differentiates the event from market driven conferences and trade shows, whilst at the same time we have made

sure that industry is integrated with the academic with our exhibition. High level speakers will come from a policy making background, informing attendees

about the latest developments and seeing first-hand the needs of the industry.

After a highly successfull call for papers, we released the preliminary agenda, which can be viewed both online and in this brochure, on the 15th of March. We

are pleased to be able to offer a rich variety of topics, and look forward to the discussions they will stimulate. As well as the oral presentations we draw your

attention to the poster presentations which will be available throughout the congress.

Whilst the congress runs for three days, we invite you to take part in several side events, for example the ISS short courses, the ThermoMap, Groundmed

and GeoElec conferences, and the fieldtrip to Larderello.

Of course there will be time to socialise with the geothermal community during our welcome cocktail and congress banquet.

We look forward to seeing you in Pisa.

Dr Miklos Antics (Chairman of the scientific committee) and Dr Burkhard Sanner (EGEC President)

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