23-25/03/2013, Lausanne: International Workshop on Thermoactive Geotechnical Systems for Near-Surface Geothermal Energy: From Research to Practice

A two and a half day workshop will be held at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland for the purpose of exploring and advancing the use of Thermo-active Geotechnical Systems for Near-surface Geothermal Energy as a sustainable geoengineering practice. This workshop will serve as a synergistic discussion platform for engineering researchers, practitioners, scientists, equipment/material manufacturers, non-profit organizations, and public agency policy makers.

The main motivation for this international workshop is to discuss and identify the technical and non-technical barriers involved in the implementation of thermo-active geotechnical systems. This workshop will serve as a synergistic discussion platform to identify and address the pressing issues. The diverse mix of attendees from different backgrounds will ensure that communication will be cross-disciplinary and multi-dimensional, while the attendees from different parts of the world will help in transferring practical experience from other countries which have successfully implemented this technology.

The workshop will be held in a discussion forum format rather than in a conference style setting. There will be several overview presentations and rest of the time will be devoted to breakout sessions and discussions on resolving contentious issues and exploring future applications of this technology.

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